Accreditation Programme Manager

The Accreditation Programme Manager, IrrigationNZ Accreditation Ltd, is responsible for the governance of the accreditation programme.

Its roles include –

  • Appointment and contracting of the Assessment Panel
  • Oversight of the Assessment Panel, including its performance
  • Receipt and consideration of Assessment Panel accreditation recommendations
  • Granting accreditation to complying organisations and accepting them to the “Blue Tick” Accredited Register
  • Suspending organisation’s accreditation from the “Blue Tick” Accredited Register
  • Terminating accreditation status and removal from the “Blue Tick” Accredited Register
  • Ensure maintenance of the identity, integrity and credibility of the Accreditation Programme including monitoring use of logo and name in promotional material produced by accredited organisations
  • Act in good faith upon the recommendations made by the Advisory Panel
  • Hold the agreement with the Accredited Organisation, including the terms and conditions for the use of the “Blue Tick” Accreditation name and logo

Irrigation Accreditation Ltd Directors

  • John Donkers
  • Stephen McNally
  • Andrew Curtis