Accreditation Programme Fees

Enrollment to NZQA unit standards. Click here to learn more about those course.

Installation Workbook:           $500

Verification Workbook:           $500

Material will be sent out on reception of payment.

Applications Fees

Application Fee:           $500

Renewal Fee:                 $500 (2-yearly)

All fees are GST exclusive.

This $500 fee covers for the processing of the application, but also for the continual updating of the Water Measurement Code of Practice, as well as the cost for managing any complaint.

Should a company’s application not be acceptable then the re-submission will be treated as a new application and the organisation will need to demonstrate how issues highlighted in the original application have been addressed.


An electronic invoice will be issued upon receipt of your full documentation.

Water Measurement Accreditation Application assessment is subject to full payment of this invoice.