Applications for Accreditation  

The first step toward ‘Blue Tick’ accreditation is to complete the unit standard workbook for Installation and Verification.

As the  workbooks are distance learning you don’t have to attend training. You do however need access to an already suitably qualified person to sign off the practical component to the workbook. If you do not have ready access to a suitably qualified person, please contact us to discuss options available to you.

INZ is currently developing a voluntary Verification Training day which to be held in March 2018. This has been developed after common themes of confusion have been coming through in the workbooks.

The fees to enroll for each workbook are NZ$500 (without GST). Material will be sent out on receipt of payment. If you wish to attend the training day this will be a separate cost (to be confirmed).

To get a workbook, please email, and specify the workbook you need.

Once you’ve completed the unit standard, attach proof of this to the application form and submit both to Irrigation NZ.

Irrigation NZ administers the Water Measurement ‘Blue tick’ Accreditation Programme.
For queries please contact:
Phone    (03) 341 2225