Water Measurement ‘Blue Tick’ Accreditation Programme

The Water Measurement ‘Blue Tick’ Accreditation Programme has been championed by Irrigation NZ to give irrigators greater certainty. Accredited companies have agreed to install, verify and provide data management services that comply with the The New Zealand Water Measurement Code of Practice and the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010.

For Water Measurement Service Providers

This website contains:

For Farmers

This website provides:

  • Register of Accredited service providers. Accredited service providers have had their water measurement skills and work place systems assessed by an independent assessment panel and have met the accreditation standard. They have also signed an agreement stating all their installations, verifications and data management services, from the date of accreditation, will be consistent with the The New Zealand Water Measurement Code of Practice
  • User Guide for Permit Holders: A quick guide to help you through the decision process for successful full pipe (water meter) and open channel installations.