Application Process and Forms

There are two parts to your application:

  • The Application Form and Agreement: The application form requires you to fill in your organisations contact details and also provides a checklist for your application. Please ensure you accurately fill in your organisations contact details as these will be used for the register of Accredited Irrigation Designers. Also, if you need more than 1 certificate for branches of your company, please list the required names.
    You need to sign The Accreditation Agreement attached to the form as part of your application.

Download ApplicationForm-and-Agreement

  • The Designs and Quality-Assurance Checklists: The following excel document provides you with a detailed list of everything you need to submit for both Designs as well as the Quality Assurance. You will find three excel spreadsheets, one for each Design and one for the Quality Assurance. Make sure that you complete the column asking for your comments and the reference to your submitted designs, so that the assessors know where to find your answers.

Download DesignsAndQuality-AssuranceChecklists


If you want to know more about the way your designs will be assessed, click here.

If you want to know what Quality Assurance is about, click here.