Accreditation Programme Fees

Applications Fees

The following are the pricing structure for the design accreditation

New application                                                          NZ$ 4750 +GST

Certified Designer                                                       NZ$ 2500 +GST

Certified Designer & FDE Accredited                       NZ$ 2000 +GST

No Certified Designer & FDE Accredited                NZ$ 4250 +GST

If you have a certified designer on your staff you are able to submit their design reports with the application. As the reports have already been assessed this reduces the cost of processing the application and we are able to offer the discounted price structure. If a company is already accredited under our Farm Dairy Effluent programme this means you have submitted a Quality Assurance System which has been assessed and approved. We therefore do not have to re-assess this component of your application and so are able to remove this cost from the application fee.

Please note that ALL applications still need to submit ALL the documentation required for an application as we need all the evidence on file for our records.

Note also: To reduce cost the programme has assumed application forms will be of a high standard. The administrator reserves the right to charge an additional administration fee to cover any extra costs incurred through incorrect or incomplete applications.

Renewal Fees

Re-accreditation (on-site professional interview) = $3,500 excl. GST


An electronic invoice will be issued upon receipt of your full documentation.

Irrigation Design Accredited status is subject to full payment of this invoice.