Irrigation Design Accreditation Programme

The Irrigation Design Accreditation programme provides a new way forward for irrigation design in NZ. The programme goal is to ensure all irrigators have a fit for purpose irrigation system, and that all irrigation designers support the six main objectives of the Design Code of Practice and Standards:

  • To gather the information required for irrigation design inputs.
  • To specify an irrigation system which meets the required performance indicators.
  • To design an irrigation system which performs to specification.
  • To apply irrigation water efficiently and responsibly.
  • To ensure that the designed irrigation system can be operated safely.
  • To comply with all regulatory requirements, including consent conditions.

Irrigation Design Accreditation Programme

For Irrigation Designers

This website contains:

  • The Irrigation Design Code of Practice and Standards. These documents outline the required level of design which will enable irrigators to achieve industry and wider community expectations.
  • Resources, tools and training courses to help designers meet the Irrigation Design Code of Practice and Standards.
  • Background information on the accreditation programme, including application forms and application requirements.
  • A register of accredited companies… can your organisation afford ‘not to be listed’ on this website?

For Farmers

This website provides a register of accredited organisations. Accredited organisations have had their design skills and work place systems assessed by an independent assessment panel and have met the accreditation standard. They have also signed an agreement stating all their designs, from the date of accreditation, will be consistent with the Irrigation Design Code of Practice and Standards.